When One Hour a Week Counseling Just Isn’t Enough

There are a variety of Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats available. From making a good marriage better to serious, intense counseling, helping couples in crisis is the only kind of marriage counseling we do. Couples in crisis need a particular kind of help from counselors who are experts in this specific field.

Our Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreat is a relationship intervention. We work to get to the core issues and focus on creating effective solutions.

Our focus is on what can be done to resolve the conflicts, what can be done to improve the communication that surrounds the conflicts, and helping each spouse heal from conflicts, distrust, anger, and pain.

Our Private Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats are for three, four, or five days in a row, depending on the couple’s needs and choices. The intense character of the multiple-day approach is powerful in breaking down barriers and getting to the root of issues.

Not only do we work on issues using your newly learned communication tools — but we also work on learning how to do marriage God’s way rather than man’s way. This implies that we hit people over the head with the Bible. God’s message is love, not judgment.

For severe problems, serious help is crucial.