Christian Marriage

We’ve helped thousands of couples who need immediate and highly-skilled help.

We commonly see couples that need healing from deep hurts, loss of love, broken trust, and the pain of unresolved issues and conflicts.

We care deeply about your pain and stand ready to help you.

We offer 6 months of phone support because we want to be there for you – even after you leave!

Meet Our Counselors

We are caring, non-judgmental Christian Marriage Counselors who specialize in helping to heal relationships that have reached their breaking point and saving marriages in crisis.

Dennis Welch, M.Div.

Pastoral Counselor, Masters in Biblical Counseling

Before joining Marriage Rescue Retreats, Dennis served as a Pastor for 15 years. During his time as a Pastor, Dennis had many opportunities to counsel struggling marriages. God used these years of experience to foster a heart of compassion for hurting marriages. Dennis joined Marriage Rescue because he desires to help restore and rebuild broken marriages.

Nathan Murray, M.A.

Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Nathan has served as a pastor for over ten years, where he has spent many hours counseling men, women, and families who find themselves in crisis. Nathan has a tremendous desire to help couples understand that there is a way back to peace and restore hope in their marriage. He is passionate about coming alongside these couples to help them find that path and experience the joy of restoration. 

Wendy Godfrey, M.Div.

Pastoral Counselor, Masters in Clinical Counseling

Wendy is a specialist in marriage crisis counseling. She also has advanced training in Solution-Oriented Counseling and has developed unique tools and techniques for her approach to total marriage recovery.

Wendy cares very much about being accepting of the couples she helps. She believes there are no “bad guys” — just wounded people who need to be loved and accepted. She is a caring listener and a results-oriented therapist.

John Z. Godfrey, M.A.

Clinical Pastoral Counselor

John has extensive experience in helping couples overcome the barriers that can adversely affect their marriages. Whether infidelity or exhaustion from turmoil and strife, John works with each spouse to remove long-standing walls that prevent the joy and freedom all couples deserve. John has a heart for people with sexual difficulties and addictions.

John is non-judgmental and treats each spouse with understanding and compassion.

Professional Affiliations

American Association of Christian Counselors
Society for Christian Psychology
International Board of Christian Counselors