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Testimonials by Marriage Rescue Retreat Participants

Learn more about whether or not an intensive marriage rescue retreat by Marriage Rescue Retreats is right for you and your spouse.

Hope you and your family are doing well! I wanted to reach out to share God’s goodness that is taking place in my marriage.

We are traveling in September, 2023 to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. We are going to renew our vows @ the resort on the beach. God is faithful to His word and Jesus is teaching us both to love, forgive, and trust Him for all things.

The Lord worked through you to open our hearts to allow Jesus to begin to heal them. Thank you for sharing what God has taught you and pointing us to His word.

Psalm 147:3, 11

After what Dave had put me and our family through I wanted out of my marriage. He kept after me until I reluctantly agreed to go to an Intensive Marriage Retreat. John worked gently yet firmly with both of us. We both felt completely free to say the worst things on our minds and hearts. I would say to any couple contemplating divorce to try an Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreat. It can change your whole relationship as it did ours.

K.L. from California

We sincerely appreciate the time you spent with us. You have a gift my friend and we were honored to receive it. Your counseling should be mandatory! We thought the love was gone forever but you showed us how to love and trust again!

Jan D. from New Hampshire

When Karen and I came to see Wendy we had been living separately for over a year and a half. Both of us had divorce on our minds as the next step. Then I read about Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats and for some reason we decided to give it one last chance before we filed.

Our experience there was life changing for both of us. The break-throughs we made were unbelievable. Feelings surfaced that we hadn’t felt for each other in years. We each had so many hurts that we caused each other–I thought it would take years to work through them.

Wendy was so loving and very direct with both of us. I thought that since she was a woman that she would take Karen’s side. But like Wendy told us, “There are no bad guys, only wounds that need to be healed.” We remain very happily married to this day.

S.P. from Texas

God used this Intensive to open our eyes and equip us more than 2 years of hourly counseling had. May God bless Wendy, John and Dennis for the gift they are giving back to marriages all over the world.

Sarah W. from South Carolina

We came from England to get help from Marriage Rescue Retreats. It was worth every mile. Thank you so much! When we came to see you we had very little hope. You taught us how to heal from the affair. We both have renewed hope for our future

Jenny K. from U.K.

I wanted to extend my gratitude to you for what was a life changing experience. You guided us through our darkest times of our relationship.

Pam H. from Oregon

You have given us the tools to harmonious communication. We could not have asked for more.

Mark W. from North Carolina

I had felt no love for my wife for at least 6 years. In fact, it was beyond not loving her, I couldn’t stand being in the same room with her. All we ever did was fight. We didn’t care if the kids were standing right there, we would just sling the worst at each other. I knew the damage we were doing to our kids, so I came to an Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreat for the sake of the kids. I never expected Prissy and I to find each other again. We resolved our conflicts, and forgave each other, and unburied the love we once felt towards each other. I can’t thank you enough.

T.D. from Washington State

I can’t begin to tell you what a difference our time with you has meant for our marriage.

For years I put my parents above my wife. I never protected her or made her feel number one. My mother ran things and I let it happen.

You gave me the courage to stand up for us.

M.G. from Wisconsin

Our Intensive Marriage Retreat saved our dead marriage. We had been to several counselors and were only getting worse. Wendy was great, so easy to talk with. I felt so comfortable three seconds after we met her.

I was so nervous to go because we had already spent so much money on counselors. Our Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreat was worth every penny because it gave us back to each other. We are so in love and plan on staying that way. It is nice to know that Wendy is only a phone call away in case we run into a problem. It was an awesome experience.

D.F. from Oregon

Words cannot express (can you believe that!?) how so very grateful we are for God’s provision during our time with you last week.

As I reflected on the first day while you met alone with Bill, I was humbled as I thanked the Lord for what my spirit was already sensing… God had given hope to what seemed hopeless. Your love for both of us and our marriage came straight from the heart of God, and helped to bring an end to the crazy cycle we were aimlessly caught in. I have a picture of two roads… we were lost on a serious detour, and the Lord snatched a hold of us and plugged us into His GPS, putting us back on course. While I am continually battling the temptation to doubt, I am grateful for the tools to stay on that course.

I wish for you to know the deep gratitude I have. What a privilege to be the benefactor of the use of your gifts, as you honor and glory Him, helping to save and restore the sacred union of marriage. We welcome and would greatly appreciate your prayers for continued growth and success in our marriage.

I am also writing to request the “Anger to Love” letter we discussed on day three.

With deep love and gratitude.

T.K. from North Carolina

I thought that Becky and I would never get over my affair even though it had been 8 years since she found out.

She was still as angry as she was in the beginning when I called you. Nothing I said or did seemed to make her trust me at all.

When we came to see you in Charlotte we both had very little hope of a future together.

When your taught us both how to heal from an affair, things started to turn around. We really grabbed on to the tools for recovery you taught us. We had a wonderful time. And have renewed hope for our future.

Thank you for everything.

E.W. from Maine