Next Steps
for Scheduling Your
Marriage Rescue Retreat

The first step in moving forward with an Intensive Marriage Retreat is to decide how many days you would like to come.

We have a number of options ranging from 3 to 5-Day Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats and we offer 6 months of phone follow-up at no additional charge. We want to be there for you – even after you leave.

We include a short paragraph next to each amount of days to help guide you in picking how many days to come. These are suggestions, not mandates, as it is up to each couple how many days they choose to come. We want you to feel empowered, not pressured.

Please give us a call or text us to see when our next openings are. We can usually see couples as soon as 2 to 3 weeks. Once the two of you have decided on a date that works for you, please call or text us to see if our schedules can match. Because openings fill up quickly, we schedule dates over the phone, so you are as “up to date” as possible.

Once we have found dates that work for both of us, you’ll need to secure your dates with a deposit. Unfortunately, we can not hold your dates without a deposit of at least half the amount of your Intensive Retreat. We also can’t “pencil you in.”