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Helping Couples in Crisis Since 1988

Is your marriage in the emergency room of your life? Are you exhausted from all the turmoil and strife? Do you feel beaten down, hopeless, and alone?

You don’t have to feel alone anymore. We are here. We can help you create the marriage you have always longed for.

Please don’t lose hope. Although you may not be able to see a happy result from where you are now, we have seen it in 93% of the couples who come to us.

There is hope – let us help you.


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Christian Marriage Counselors

With 58 years of combined experience, we’ve helped thousands of couples who need immediate help.
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You are doing the anxiety-ridden job of trying to find the best place for you and your spouse to get help.
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Next Steps for Scheduling Your Marriage Rescue Retreat The first step in moving forward to finding help.
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We specialize in Marriage Rescue Intensive Retreats, Christian-based interventions specifically designed to totally turn around the mountain of pain a couple is in.
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With a 93 percent success rate, we know there is hope to heal your marriage. Read our testimonials for real stories of marriages and lives changed for the better.


Our team is comprised of caring, non-judgmental Christian Marriage Counselors who specialize in helping to heal relationships that have reached their breaking point.
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Complete our test by answering a few simple questions.
You’ll gain an insightful perspective on the state of your marriage.

Is your marriage just under some stress, or is it in real trouble? Jot down a check everytime a statement is true for you or true for your relationship. When finished, add up the number of “yes checks.” and read your score below. This brief test helps you gain some objectivity about the state of your marriage. Remember, we are here to help you restore your marriage!

We have tried one–hour-a-week counseling, and it didn’t help.
We spend more time in negative communication than we do in loving conversation.
We continue to have more and more arguments.
There is little affection between the two of us.
I day-dream what life would be like not being married to my spouse.
I feel afraid to bring up issues we have – because we always end up in conflict.
I frequently believe I’ve married the wrong person.
We spend more time apart than we used to.
Trust has been broken between the two of you. Ex; emotion or sexual affair, porn use, etc.
You have been sharing your marriage problems with an opposite gender person.
The stress from my marriage is affecting other areas of my life, ex; my work, parenting other relationships.
I’ve been staying in the marriage for reasons other than love. ex; guilt, obligation, the children, financial impact.