Christian Marriage Intensive
Counseling Retreats

Our Marriage Rescue Retreats are a down-in-the-trenches event aimed at completely restoring a marriage that is in crisis.

Our Retreats are always private — just you, your spouse and your Counselor. We believe that couples having a really rough time need 100% of their Counselor’s focus.

This allows your Counselor to focus on your specific issues rather than sharing the time with other couples’ issues.

We offer 3, 4 and 5-day retreats and can make suggestions as to how many days we feel would be best for your situation (details provided below), but it’s always up to the couple how many days they want to spend at the Retreat.

The reason couples keep arguing about the same 4-7 issues is that the issues never get resolved! We work to get to the root of each issue so that there will be no need to continue arguing about it when a couple gets back home.

We teach highly effective conflict resolution skills that couples practice using on their own issues during their time here, so when they get back home and run into a glitch, they don’t feel a bewildered, “now what?!”

After attending one of our marriage intensive retreats, couples will be equipped to handle any issue or disagreement in a way that allows them both to feel heard and understood.

We are Solution-Oriented Counselors, which means we don’t spend our time and energy focusing on the past – who said what or who did what to whom. Rather, we focus our time, effort, and energy on how to turn things around immediately. We need to look at the past enough to find out what the issues are, and our 8-page Confidential Questionnaire couples fill out before they come helps both spouses and counselors get clarity on the couple’s issues.

We have a 93% success rate due to our years of experience, our Solution-Oriented approach, and the miracles we so often see. 

We see non-Christians as well as Christians, and we don’t beat anyone over the head with the Bible. We are sensitive to where people are spiritually. We are also able to help marriages when only one spouse wants to come.

How many days?

3 Day Private Intensive Marriage Retreat

Three day retreats are equal to four-and-a-half months of weekly counseling. These retreats are best for couples who may need some help, but there has been no talk of separation or divorce. Trust has not been broken. Conflicts are infrequent. Three days are right for couples who have an even commitment level to the relationship.

Cost: $2,795.00

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4 Day Private Intensive Marriage Retreat

Four-day retreats are equal to six months of weekly counseling. These are best for couples who have some form of broken trust or couples who have talked about separation or divorce.

Some couples may already be separated or divorced. Couples may have an uneven commitment level to the marriage. Four days are best for couples who may have a larger accumulation of issues and of course when there has been infidelity.

Cost: $3,695.00

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5 Day Private Intensive Marriage Retreat

Five day retreats are equal to seven-and-a-half months of weekly counseling.

Five-day Intensive Marriage Retreats are best for couples who have the same amount of issues listed in the four-day retreat, but also have additional issues such as: blended-family & parenting issues, extended family issues, or other outside influences that negatively affect the marriage.

Cost: $4,595.00

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