Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

“Let’s have a quiet, relaxing, multi-course dinner cooked by you at home this Valentine’s Day.”    

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, people are working themselves into a frenzy trying to find somewhere to go and something to do with their sweethearts on the most romantic day of the year. Unfortunately, if you didn’t make reservations at least a month in advance, you probably won’t be spending the day or night indulging on decadent (and overpriced) food at a ritzy restaurant. Yikes!

And, teddy bears, balloons, flowers, and/or candy just doesn’t seem like enough…You want to do something new, fresh, fun, and exciting for Valentine’s Day this year – something you’ll both remember for a lifetime. But what?

You’ve waited until the last minute to start planning, so…

While planning for Valentine’s Day can be a joy for some, for procrastinators (like me), it’s just plain stressful. I guess that is what we get for waiting so long to plan for it. But, you know, life can get away from you sometimes, especially if you are wrapped up in work, home, and parenting responsibilities. It’s not like you don’t care, right?

Well, the good news, if you’re like me and have waited to the last minute to plan for Valentine’s Day, is you still have options. You just have to think outside-of-the-box. You can do that can’t you?

The good thing is you don’t have to pre-plan activities for Valentine’s Day – unless you want to. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a bust simply because you got a late start on planning an awesome activity to do together. In other words, you can still have an amazing time doing something memorable, fun, and/or romantic – even if you don’t spend it in the most “traditional way.”

There are last-minute date ideas that you can try that are sure to wow your special someone. Listed below are last-minute Valentine’s Day ideas for when time has slipped by, and all of the “fancy” restaurants are booked-up.

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

Listed below are Valentine’s Day activities that you can plan at the last minute:

  1. DIY Spa Night – After a long day at work, your sweetheart might prefer a relaxing bath over getting “dolled up” for a very crowded and pricey night on the town. If you have candles and bubble bath or shower gel around the house, then you already have everything you need for a romantic night at home with your partner. For extra credit, try adding bath bombs, rose petals, and essential oils (i.e. Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood, Clove, Patchouli, etc.) and turn-on some low-sound romantic tunes. Don’t forget wine or your favorite beverage! Ask about each other’s favorite spa pampering treatments and get creative coming up with “at-home” versions. Husbands, maybe your wife can teach you how to file and paint her nails, and you’ll both laugh together as you learn that it’s not easy as it looks! Or maybe she will return the favor with a foot rub!
  2. Karaoke – Do you ever belt out your favorite songs in the shower? Well, why don’t you take your act on the road – to a karaoke bar – with your date – for Valentine’s Day! I don’t know about you, but singing the night away with my sweetheart seems like the best night ever! No karaoke venues in your area? Make a trip to a local store and buy a karaoke machine to make it a tradition!
  3. Romantic Indoor Picnic – When was the last time you went on a picnic together? Well, here’s a last-minute Valentine’s Day idea that will protect you from the elements and provide you with romance and privacy. Score!
  4. Grubhub Anyone? Want to eat out, but all of the restaurants are booked-up for the night? No problem! Why not ring-up a food delivery service like GrubhubDoor Dash, Uber Eats, or Postmates and have your favorite cuisine delivered right to your door? Awesome, right?
  5. Game Night – Why should kids have all of the fun? Game night at home is both classic and fun! Oh, and with the right game (think “Twister” or “Truth or Dare”), it can also be super sexy and romantic!
  6. Fort Night – Inner children come out… You’re never too old to get goofy with the one you love, so why not spend that special day building a pillow fort – with lots of sheets, pillows, yummy snacks, and a tablet so you can watch Netflix on it while snuggling with your sweetheart. It sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
  7. Gazing at the Moon & Stars – Want to get ultra-romantic for a fraction of the cost of a fancy restaurant? Your wish is my command – and it’s closer than you think. Like outside on your porch or deck. Snuggling up close and gazing at the beautiful moon and twinkling stars above is one heck of a romantic last-minute Valentine’s activity. Don’t forget to grab blankets and hot chocolate if it is chilly outside.
  8. Ice Cream Date – Who doesn’t love ice cream – even during the winter? Well, ice cream has no season – it’s good all year long. And, it’s super sweet and romantic. So, throw on a coat and spend the evening at the ice cream shop. Don’t feel like going out? Grab an ice cream recipe, pull out the ice cream maker, and make your own! Don’t forget to consider wacky ingredients like your favorite fruit and have fun picking out all of your favorite toppings.
  9. Wine Tasting – Could there be a better date night activity than winding down after a long day with wine tasting at a vineyard or winery? Wine is the beverage of romance, right? Want to stay home? No problem! Pick of a wine sampler pack from your local liquor store, settle down on a cozy blanket in front of a bristling fire, and sample away. Pairs well with chocolate, fruits cheeses and other delightful delicacies.
  10. Arcade Fun – Ever want to be a kid again? Well, here’s your chance! Grab your honey and head to your local arcade for some childish Valentine’s Day fun! It may not be the most romantic date, but it’s one you’ll definitely remember! You’ll feel like a kid all over again. Be as silly as you want – or get competitive and see who can score more points on your favorite games.
  11. Comedy Club – When was the last time you laughed – like really laughed? A while? Well, belly laughs are good for the soul, so why not spend this special day at a comedy club! Not sure you want to be cooped up with other couples on Valentine’s Day? No worries! Stay at home, order takeout, and turn on a Netflix stand-up comedy special. Nate Bargatze is just one example of the many hilarious and family-friendly comedians with comedy specials you might enjoy.
  12. Fondue Night – Melted chocolate is an aphrodisiac you can’t go wrong with on Valentine’s Day. Create your own romance by grabbing an assortment of delicious foods like shortbread cookies, strawberries, frozen bananas, pretzels, and/or pieces of cake, and indulge your inner sweet tooth with your sweetheart. Want to “fancy it up?” Add a cheese dip to the mix and dip pieces of bread, meat, and veggies into it. You can’t go wrong with fondue!
  13. DIY Sweet Treats – Eating sweets are a must for most valentines, but do you want to know what’s even sweeter than that? Making sweet treats at home together on this super sweet occasion. I can already taste the frosted heart-shaped cookies, decadent chocolates, and melt-in-your-mouth homemade candies. Yum!
  14. Roller/Ice Skating – Roller skating… really? Yep! If you are not afraid of falling on your butt, go for it! You’ll have a hilarious time laughing and tumbling. Don’t forget to stop by the concession area for some yummy pizza, popcorn, hotdogs, and/or soda! Or try ice skating instead to add some Winter Wonderland magic to your date night.
  15. Rock Climbing – If you and your sweetheart like to stay active, visiting a rock climbing gym together can be a fun activity! If it’s your first time, you can stick to the easy courses, or get advanced if you are comfortable. The instructors will show you how to “belay” or support your spouse by holding the rope while they are climbing, and vice versa. You can foster a sprit of teamwork while working together and getting some exercise!
  16. DIY Pizza – Making a meal with your honey is always fun, however, making pizza takes things up another notch in the fun department. So, stop at your local grocery store and pick up some pizza dough, pizza sauce, and your favorite toppings. Let the shopping and the topping selection be a part of the fun. Then, venture home for a delicious hands-on night together!
  17. Brunch – If you have the day off, why not head out to your favorite breakfast joint for some chicken and waffles, a heaping portion bacon or sausage, fresh salads, fruits and veggies, pastries, made-to-order omelets, biscuits and jam, roasted chicken, shrimp cocktail, mimosas, and everything else! If you are trying to plan a dinner date, remember that “breakfast for dinner” has a unique way of feeling like a special occasion! It might be time to dust off that waffle maker.
  18. Salsa Dancing – If you and your partner are the types that like to shake those hips, why not sign-up for a couples salsa dancing class. Can’t find a class in your area? No problem! Put on some sexy clothes and watch some “how to” videos together on YouTube from the comfort of your living room!
  19. Yoga – Looking for a Zen Valentine’s Day? Maybe you should consider signing-up for a couples yoga class. It’s low-key and relaxing. It’s also a good way to bond with your significant other while giggling at each other’s inability to perform some of the poses. Or if your partner is an expert yogi, let them show you some of their favorite moves.

In Summary…

The truth is it’s not about where you go or even what you do on Valentine’s Day – it’s really about who you’re with. So, it really doesn’t matter if you plan this date months in advance or a week or a couple of days before, it will be special because you care about one another. And, although “love” is celebrated on February 14th, you have an opportunity to show your Valentine how much you love him or her every day of the year. Didn’t get to do everything you wanted to do for your partner on this special day? No big deal!  Do it the next day, and the next, and the next. You have a lifetime to show your partner how special they are to you.