Why Choose a Marriage Rescue Retreat? Revitalize Your Marriage

Discover a transformative approach to marriage counseling with Marriage Rescue Retreats. Specializing in Christian-based solutions for couples in crisis, these intensive retreats offer a unique blend of private counseling, practical tools, and a dedicated focus on healing relationships. With a remarkable success rate and a commitment to addressing various challenges, from communication breakdowns to deep-seated hurts, Marriage Rescue Retreats provides a path to restoring harmony and love in your marriage.

You accomplish much more in a shorter time

So often, the couples that choose our retreats need emergency help now! That is what our retreats provide. Week-to-week counseling for one hour at a time will take time to resolve your issues. Sometimes, it will prolong or even worsen your chance of success because you bring up the problems, but often, you don’t have enough time to work on a resolution in one-hour increments. We spend 4 hours together each day and teach you the tools to help you communicate more effectively.

We then give you 2-3 hours of homework to understand further the tools and how to improve your communication. We can get to the root of your problems more quickly and provide you with a plan to heal the relationship now. Because of our approach, a 3-day retreat equals about four and a half months of weekly counseling, a 4-day retreat equals about six months, and a 5-day retreat equals seven and a half months.

You and your spouse have a dedicated, focused time away from home/work to prioritize your marriage without as many distractions

A big complaint we hear from one or both spouses in our retreats is that they feel they need to be prioritized. Our retreats are designed to mitigate (if not eliminate) distractions while you are working on your marriage and make it a priority. Even nearby couples are encouraged to get a hotel, take a break from home, and work responsibilities to improve their marital relationship. Please silence cell phones and avoid doing work-related things if possible.

We also encourage you to get someone else to take care of your children so you can get some time away to focus on your marriage. This focused time allows you to give your marriage the priority it deserves and the healing you need.

You have a greater chance of success than week-to-week counseling or group therapy

Weekly counseling can bring the problems up, but often, long-term solutions are not created due to time limitations. Weekly counseling can be effective if the focus is on practical solutions, but with a ticking clock, you will likely leave many unresolved issues. We choose not to do group therapy because it can be effective; it is easier to hide in a group or not address your issues directly. Also, other couples in the group may demand more attention and, therefore, take up more of the time that could be spent working on your issues.

We are also solutions-focused, meaning we don’t waste time just rehashing problems, but we work to help you find solutions that can make a huge difference in your relationship. However, we do talk about the past long enough to address hurt and poor communication patterns so that we can teach you how to change them.


We provide a private setting for just the two of you to address your problems. Often, couples come to us from other parts of the US or even other countries. Sometimes, those couples want to be away from the communities where they live to remain private. We also offer a non-judgmental environment for the two of you to hear each other without fear of what the counselor thinks. This can be helpful to those who struggle to open up. You meet with your counselor in our retreats for 3-5 days. We also include up to 6 months of weekly phone or Zoom counseling following the retreat to continue to support you.


The price is reasonable and a good investment in your marriage. Consider counseling for six months as an example. It will cost about the same as a 4-day marriage retreat. (i.e., $150/hour for 24 hours at 1 hour a week for six months = $3600). A divorce will cost more than a marriage retreat up front, and the ongoing costs of a divorce can be much, much worse financially, emotionally, and relationally. Our retreats are priced reasonably, considering the amount of help you and your spouse receive in such a short time and the opportunity to avoid divorce.

If your marriage can be saved, the cost of this retreat will be more than worth it! A 3-day retreat costs $2795, a 4-day retreat costs $3695, and a 5-day retreat costs $4595. This does not include food or lodging. We have a 93% success rate with the couples that choose our retreats! Our counselors believe in what we do and want to help you save your marriage. If all of this sounds good, don’t hesitate to contact us to help save your marriage!


Marriage Rescue Retreats is a beacon of hope for couples facing marital challenges. Their Christian-based, intensive retreats offer a proven track record of success, combining private, personalized counseling with practical solutions and ongoing support. If your marriage requires urgent attention and healing, consider the transformative experience offered by Marriage Rescue Retreats, where your commitment to each other can find renewal and strength.