What Is The Cost of an Intensive Marriage Retreat?

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Our Marriage Rescue Retreats are less expensive than most other PRIVATE Intensive programs. Sure, we would make a lot more money if we were to see many couples at one time (group format), but what’s more important to us is the individual couple’s result. Although some programs tout 16 hours of counseling, when you and your spouse have to share those 16 hours of counseling with 10 or more other people, how many hours of personal counseling are you and your spouse actually receiving?

Although money might not be tight for you, it is for many folks.

A Three-Day Private Intensive Marriage Retreat ($2,795.00) is equal to four-and-a-half months of weekly counseling. Three-day Intensive Marriage Retreats are best for couples who may need some help but there has been no talk of separation or divorce. Trust has not been broken. Conflicts are infrequent. Three days are right for couples who have an even commitment level to the relationship.

A Four-Day Private Intensive Marriage Retreat ($3,695.00) is equal to six months of weekly counseling. Four-day Intensive Marriage Retreats are best for couples who have some form of broken trust or couples who have talked about separation or divorce. Some couples may already be separated or divorced. Couples may have an uneven commitment level to the marriage. Four days are also best for couples who may have a larger accumulation of issues.

A Five-Day Private Intensive Marriage Retreat ($4,595.00) is equal to seven-and-a-half months of weekly counseling. They are best for couples who have the same amount of issues listed in the four-day retreat, but also have additional issues such as: blended-family issues, parenting issues, extended family issues, or other outside influences that negatively affect the marriage.

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